Tuesday, 22 September 2020 – City businessman, Richard Ngatia, was recently linked to the massive looting of public money through his Megascope Company.

Ngatia’s firm reportedly got a tender to supply medical kits worth more than Ksh 1 billion at an inflated price.

Ngatia has now been labelled one of the covid billionaires and despite looting public money, his wife has the audacity to urinate on Kenyans by showing off some expensive bags that she bought during a shopping spree.

Their kids who are also enjoying a lavish life appeared in the video that she shared online.

Blogger Nyakundi posted a video of Ngatia’s wife showing off a lavish life on social media and captioned it,

Wife of Covid 19 corruption suspect and Megascope owner Richard Ngatia enjoying the taxpayers loot. Where is DCI, ODPP etc? This is stealing and puking on Kenyans! Sad


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