Wednesday, 30 September 2020-A lady has taken to social media and blasted the management of the newly opened Quiver Lounge, which is located along Thika Road.

The hyped club has been buzzing with activity ever since it was opened about three weeks ago.

This lady went to catch up with her girlfriends at the popular club and after placing an order, a bouncer came and pulled them aside.

They were ordered to get out of the club and warned never to step there again.

The lady, who is identified as Grace Sian on Facebook, claims that they were falsely accused of camping there to drug revellers, yet they had gone to spend their hard-earned cash and catch up.

She is accusing the management of the club of profiling ladies.

This is what she posted on her Facebook page.

Here are the ladies who had accompanied her to the club before they were kicked out, forcing them to look for another joint.


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