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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 – Wambui Collymore, the widow of the late former Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, has slammed media houses reporting on the details of her late husband’s Will.

This is after details of how Bob Collymore  wanted  his wealth and properties to be managed leaked

In a series of tweets, Wambui stated that she doesn’t consider her personal life ‘newsworthy’ and called on media houses toconcern themselves with content that can “inform, educate and empower” Kenyans.

Read her tweets below.

“Since 2016 when my name first appeared in the press concerning my private life, I have done some interviews and turned down a lot more than I have accepted. Often my interviews are focused on the work I do in the hope that it educates and empowers others. My argument has always been that my personal life is not newsworthy,” 

“Kenyans are capable of radical change. Kenyans are capable of innovation and are of great resilience. The media should not waste us by having us believe that we have nothing of substance that is newsworthy.

“We also don’t have much time to waste. I am not the news. The news is what we are leaving in the dark. Media can determine the future of our country every day, on that front page by casting light into the dark. On just that one page, media can make or break us as a nation. It is time,”


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