Tuesday, 29 September 2020-Upcoming Kenyan socialite, Shakilla, caused a stir after she appeared on a live Instagram stream with Xtian Dela and revealed that she has slept with over 15 Kenyan celebrities.

Former Tottenham striker, Victor Wanyama, is among the celebrities that Shakilla claimed that she has slept with.

The 19 year old socialite alleged that Wanyama paid her Ksh 700,000 after sex.

She also said that she has slept with Wanyama’s brother Mariga but he didn’t pay her since they were just having fun.

Wanyama has responded following the damaging allegations and denied that he had sex with Shakilla.

Wanyama said that he has never met the said socialite.

He threatened to take legal action against the clout chasing socialite and social media bigwig Xtian Dela for giving her a platform to defame him.

Wanyama said that he has worked hard to be where he is today and he won’t let people misuse his name for personal gains.

Here’s a statement by Wanyama.


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