Wednesday, 23 September 2020 – A well to do Kenyan lady, who resides in the United States of America, has excited Netizens after sharing photos of her 8 year old luxurious pet dog that she flies with.

The lovely pet dog has an American passport and is busy globe-trotting.

The lady rubbished claims that it’s expensive to fly with pets and advised anyone willing to fly with pets to check the airlines regulations and adhere to them.

My 8 year old dog named Bentley is THE PERFECT travel buddy.

There’s a large misconception about flying with animals. It’s not expensive and it’s easier than you could imagine.

If/when you are traveling check with your airline the requirements and restrictions, weight limits and documents required.

It’s easier traveling within the USA and Europe once you’ve got all the paperwork.

But, I have to give kudos to KQ as well. They are excellent in ensuring you can travel with your dog and they also consider the other passengers too.

Every time I have flown KQ they have been nothing but exceptional. As a matter of fact there’s a flight where one flight attendant loved Bentley so much she carried him around a little.

Kids on the flight LOVE LOVE my dog. Actually, everyone tends to love him. He’s quite an easy dog. I take him to work with me and he sits in my office and walks around to the other offices and gets treats and attention. He is so spoiled.’’ She wrote on Wanderlust Diaries.

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