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Wednesday September 23, 2020 – Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju continued his cat and mouse games with Deputy President William Ruto after he left the DP stranded and without any relevant staff during yesterday’s visit to the party headquarters at Pangani, Nairobi.

According to Dennis Itumbi, who is also Ruto’s right hand man and digital campaign strategist, Ruto had visited the party headquarters with the assurance that he will have a meeting with the Secretariat which is headed by Tuju.

The DP reportedly scheduled a meeting with the Jubilee Secretary General ahead of his drive to the offices based at the Pangani Interchange.

However, Itumbi claimed that Tuju did not show up and his phone was picked by an assistant who indicated that his boss was seeing a doctor.

“Tuju confirmed on Citizen TV that there was a party meeting to be chaired by DP last week.”

“Due to DP schedule the meeting did not take place and yesterday the two spoke and Tuju said he was in hospital but that he would attend the meeting.”

“Today DP kept his part of the bargain, Tuju, whom officials said was in the office earlier meeting a Chinese Delegation – was absent.”

“When DP got to Jubilee Headquarters as agreed, he called the SG and someone else picked and said Tuju had gone to see a Doctor,” Itumbi claimed.

Photos shared by the DP’s team showed him in a boardroom with his allies who had accompanied him during the visit.

He later had coffee at the building’s cafe before leaving.

However, Tuju denied snubbing his Deputy Party Leader and welcomed the DP for a second visit.

“Your visit is always a pleasure boss. KARIBU TENA,” The Jubilee SG said on social media.


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