Friday, September 25, 2020 – This slay queen took to twitter to swear that she would never share a towel with a man.

The lady by the name Bosibori was responding to a tweet by another lady who mocked women who share towels with their boyfriends.

“So mumesema huwa mnashare towel na bathing towel with all the 55 girls that come over??.” The lady with the handle @Mercynicky tweeted.

In response, @bosibori wrote: “Siwezi tumia towel ya mwanaume Mimi, same towel wao huwipe ass ndio hutumia on the face, heri nisimame Kwa jua nikauke nirudi kwetu”

Her response caught the eye of Maverick Aoko, who is known for her hard tackles and ruthless clapbacks and she didn’t disappoint.

Check out Aoko’s savage response that has left netizens talking.


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