Monday September 21, 2020 – Parents across the country have vehemently opposed the proposed reopening of schools in October.

The parents fear increased charges after the Covid-19 Education Response Committee settled on Monday, October 19th as the school reopening date.

Speaking to the press yesterday, Kenya Parents Association Chairman, Nicholas Maiyo, urged President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government to review fee guidelines arguing that parents had depleted their savings.

“Most Parents lost their jobs in March and May, and may not be able to raise the second term fees.”

“The Government should review fees guidelines.”

“We are in very difficult times,” stated Maiyo.

Several parents also fear that fee charges will be increased in public and private schools as parents will be required to add facemasks as well as hand sanitisers to their children’s budget.

The Government, which vowed to distribute two masks per learner, pegged the charges per mask at Ksh35, money parents would be expected to pay.

The parents cited hardships from a toughen economy as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that saw them deplete their savings as some got laid off from their jobs.

They also claimed that the timing was not favourable arguing that October was so close and gave them a very small window to prepare financially as well as psychologically.

“The cost of taking the children back to school is too high.”

“We need adequate preparation.”

“It is not just about the fees.”

“There are many other incidentals.”

“We simply don’t have money to take children back to school.”

“So many people have lost their jobs and businesses are failing.”

“Is there a school which will accept children without fees?” A distraught parent posed.

Besides school fees, parents are expected to foot fees for admission, school uniform, development, transport and for reference materials such as the bible, atlas, dictionary and hymn books.


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