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Wednesday September 2, 2020 – In 2012, former President Mwai Kibaki commissioned the Sh 31 billion Thika Super Highway, which according to many engineers is an engineering masterpiece that linked the industrial town of Thika to the Nairobi metropolis.

China Wu Yi built the section between Uhuru Highway and Muthaiga Roundabout, Sinohydro built from Muthaiga Roundabout to Kenyatta University, and Shengli Engineering completed the highway to Thika.

8 years on, the expressway has yielded impressive and visible results.

It has contributed to improvement in accessibility, affordability and reliability of the transport infrastructure system and has promoted economic growth and socio-economic development in Kenya.

However, cartels at Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) have started destroying the road in the name of re-carpeting.

Debroso Ltd, which is owned by senior cartels in Government, are spreading oiled chips in the name of tarmac on the superhighway.

The highway which Chinese engineers said had a shelf life of 50 years is being mutilated by some cartels so that they can be paid “maintenance fee” by the Government.

THE MEDIOCRITY THAT IS THIKA ROAD. A vision 2030 flagship project being mutilated in broad daylight by Debrosso. The quality of material being used is poor dangerous chips. Tools are crude weapons, people are lacking in skills. No PPE,”’ one Kenyan wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Without lane markings, driving on Thika superhighway is like Russian roulette. Very dangerous and frightening,” another Kenyan wrote on his Twitter page.

Whenever contacted, KENHA and the Ministry of Transport remain mum on the issue.


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