Friday, September 25, 2020-Jubilee Party Vice-chairman, David Murathe, has said Deputy President William Ruto is free to support any candidate in the upcoming Mswambweni by-election.

Early this week, Jubilee Party Secretary-General, Raphael Tuju, said the ruling party will not field a candidate in Msambweni and will instead support ODM’s candidate.

Though the DP agreed with the Jubilee Party’s verdict, on Thursday, he met independent candidate Feisal Abdallah Bader, where he announced he will back his bid.

The move by Ruto to flex his political muscle sets the stage for an epic battle for control of the Coast that has been dominated by ODM party leader, Raila Odinga for 15 years.

The DP, whose “Hustler movement” is spreading like wildfire, is technically raring for a duel with his boss, who happens to support the ODM candidate.

Commenting on the issue, Murathe, who is a close confidante of Uhuru, said Ruto was free to support a candidate of his choice in Msambweni.

“The party position is that Jubilee will not field a candidate in Msambweni. However, the deputy president can go ahead and support whoever he wants,” Murathe said.

Defending Jubilee’s decision to pull out of the by-election, Murathe said the verdict was informed by a number of factors shared with both the President and the DP.

“The DP was briefed about the scenario but has chosen to back an independent candidate, which is within his right,” he said.


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