Wednesday September 16, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed calls for the creation of a third-tier system of governance arguing that regional Governments will increase bureaucracy and make Government inefficient.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, want to create another regional Government that will be headed by a “super Governor” appointed by the President.

The super Governor will be in charge of regional Governors and will be reporting directly to the President.

Speaking on Tuesday at his residence in Karen, Ruto said the third tier system will not work and will instead weaken devolution.

Ruto instead called for the strengthening of the existing devolution structures to cascade development to the grassroots.

“We are finding all manner of cards flying, at one point we are being told we want another layer of Government, another layer of bureaucracy, some people are telling us extension of terms,” he said.

The DP said any constitutional review through the Building Bridges Initiative needs to be progressive and should advance Kenyans’ common agenda in order to build a stronger economy that will move Kenyans out of poverty and unemployment.


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