Friday August 24, 2020 – Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President, Nelson Havi, has asked the Interior Ministry to withdraw MPs’ and Senators’ security detail over Chief Justice David Maraga’s advisory on dissolving Parliament.

In a statement to the press on Thursday, Havi said Parliament is unlawfully constituted and should not conduct business beyond October 12th.

He said 21 days after Maraga’s advisory, MPs, Women Representatives and Senators will not have powers to make any law.

“Accordingly, you are hereby asked to withdraw all police officers assigned to all members of the assembly and senators effective 12th ….,” Havi said.

“We do hope that the LSK will not be compelled to take action to hold you personally accountable for failure to act in accordance with this lawful request and avert loss of public funds.” Havi added.

Havi also urged Kenyans to occupy Parliament Buildings from October 12th, if President Uhuru Kenyatta will not have dissolved Parliament as advised by Maraga.

On Monday, Maraga advised the President to dissolve Parliament for failing to enact the Two Third Gender rule.


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