Wednesday, 23 September 2020 – Kenyan gospel singer, Justina Syokau, has revealed why she parted ways with her husband.

Speaking during an interview on Milele FM, the sexy songstress told presenter Chris The Bass that her mother in law is part of the reason why her marriage failed.

According to her, her ex-husband was a mama’s boy who followed everything that his mother told him.

She revealed that there was no room for engaging in marital sex since her nagging mother in law slept in their bedroom.

“You know those mummy’s boys? Yes my husband was what you can refer to as a mummy’s boy. He listened to his mother so much that it broke our marriage,” she told Chris.

Syokau said that she is now more mature and looking for a man to marry her.

She added that any man who is willing to marry her must have money.

‘I pray that God sends me a husband, and if you are out there listening and you are looking for a wife who is noisy, I need a husband who has money, money is good and also I got married when I was so young and now I am mature and I want a man who will understand me. He should be 35 and above,’ she added.

Here are photos of the sexy singer, who suffered a massive dry spell in her first marriage.


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  1. Most single mothers think they are goddess wise African men ones said a tyrant is only a slave turned inside out,justina even rich men are not fools remember Nairobi men hatuli makombo tuna suguwa nakupita wewe ni wale wanaitwa mama chuma uletee.

  2. you don’t seem like you have anything between yours ears. Brainless, You’re just a shell. who wants leftovers. shame on you. utatangatanga sana.

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