Saturday September 12, 2020 – A section of MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto were ambushed by police yesterday as they held a meeting in Kitui South Constituency.

The legislators from the Ukambani region had gathered at Mathima Market in Mutha Ward mobilising residents for an alleged visit by the DP.

The leaders present were Victor Munyaka (Machakos town), Fabian Kyule (Kangundo), Vincent Musyoka (Mwala) and Nimrod Mbai (Kitui East).

The leaders engaged the police in bitter altercations in Mutomo, Kitui South, after being blocked from addressing the residents at the centre.

The police lobbed teargas at the crowd gathered dispersing those present.

Venting his anger, Musyoka condemned the move by police and vowed to continue with the onslaught despite the intimidation from the Government.

“We have seen double standards by police today.”

“We have seen other leaders bringing in huge crowds but they do not get teargassed but our small meeting with less than 20 people caused so much trouble that they had to unleash the arsenal on us,” he stated.

“We want to declare here that we are firmly behind Ruto in his journey to 2022 Presidency and tell those who want to have the Constitution changed to block his bid that they will not succeed,”  Musyoka stated in a previous event.

Musyoka has been vocal over their support for the Deputy President in the upcoming 2022 presidential race. 

The incident comes a day after protests broke out in Kisii town ahead of a planned visit by the Deputy President.

A group of youths against the DP barricaded roads in the town, where Ruto was scheduled to meet a section of boda boda riders.


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