Wednesday September 23, 2020 – Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala is in trouble over his assassination claims.

This is after the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti recommended that he be charged for unproven claims he made over an assassination plot by some police officers.

Appearing before a joint sitting of the Senate Committee on Justice, Legal Affairs and Human Rights and the Senate Committee on National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations, Kinoti noted that the investigators could not find any information to support the legislator’s claims.

“Based on evidence on record we find that allegations by [Senator] Cleophas Malala are untrue, malicious, false and ill-intended.”

“The author of the claims should be charged for giving false information in accordance with Section 129(B) of the penal code which prescribes 3 year jail term,” he stated.

Kinoti further stated that the allegations bordered on character assassination of members of the Special Service Unit and called for the author to apologise to the unit.

“These are serious allegations impacting the character of members of the Special Service Unit that has exposed them to ridicule and contempt in the eyes of the members of the public,” he argued.

Kinoti also observed that Malala was asked to furnish investigators with specific dates when he was trailed, and telephone numbers and photos of the purported assassin police officers which he had alleged on media platforms to be in possession of. 

But the Senator failed to provide the information to aid in investigations.

He told the Senators that only one name of those presented by the Senator was found in the database. 

“The officer has never served in DCI, hails from Kakamega where Senator Cleophas Malala represents, there is no existing bad blood between them.”

“Hotel La Mada management and staff affirmed that meetings fitting the description as alleged by Senator Malala never took place within the premises, and that the said motor vehicle has never been at the premises,” he stated.

During a Parliamentary session on September 14th, Malala stated that his life was in danger and police officers with sniper rifles had been trailing him.


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