Tuesday September 29, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has castigated his arch rival, Raila Odinga, for misusing the youth to advance his agenda.

Speaking at his Karen residence while empowering young people by giving them money and wheelbarrows, Ruto claimed that Raila only wants to see youths who can throw stones and join him in demonstrations.

However, he warned him that the youth will not do his bidding anymore as they will be busy working and earning a decent living thanks to him.

“We are giving you notice when you start looking for people to throw stones and demonstrate…look for your kids, these hustlers are busy, they don’t have time… next time when they come for demonstrations tell them mko kazi,” Ruto said.

“I am telling our friends… it will not be business as usual, we will not have the same conversation about power, tribes and positions … we will have a conversation about ordinary people and jobs…” he added.

Ruto has of late adopted the approach of offering youth light equipment like car wash machines, sewing machines, tanks, motorcycles and wheelbarrows in a charm offensive across the country.

With what he has called an unstoppable political movement, the DP is deliberately shaping the 2022 presidential duel as a battle of the poor against the rich.

He has spiritedly opposed the Building Bridges Initiative propelled by Uhuru and Raila, saying it is aimed at creating a few jobs for the political elite at the expense of jobless Kenyans.


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