Saturday, 05 September 2020 – Kathy Kiuna and her husband, Allan, are among the richest pastors in Kenya.

For the 15 years that they have been in the church business, they have made so much money selling fake hope and miracles to their brainwashed congregants, who bless them with tithes and offerings.

Majority of congregants at Jubilee Christian Centre church (JCC) are middle class Kenyans who believe that a portion of their monthly income belongs to Kathy and her husband.

Kathy lives in the leafy suburbs of Runda and just to show how she is eating life with a big spoon, she shared videos inside her palatial home.

In one of the videos, Kathy and her husband are seen engaging in some fun activities with their congregants on a small playing ground at their palatial residence.

In another video, Kathy flaunts the fire place where she goes to relax during cold seasons and as you can see, church is big business in Kenya.

See videos.


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