Wednesday, September 2, 2020 – Safaricom has been forced to respond to a viral job advert that claimed that the giant Telco was hiring a Chief Meme Officer.

This is after a local blog known for satirical news announced the vacancy in their site.

The advert read:

Safaricom has announced a new job opening for the Chief Meme Officer (CMO) who will not only be one of the highest paid staff at the company, but will be second in command from the Chief Executive Officer.”

Meme makers in Kenya are excited at the news. ‘For the first time, we have a chance to get a real job with a title and a job description,” said one man who speaks fluent memes. “At least my parents will now have to understand what I do because they have completely refused to get it. It will also be an opportunity to be paid with something else besides retweets and exposure,

Safaricom’s customer care team is known to have witty and humorous folks and they didn’t disappoint in their response.

They used the now famous Oooliskia Wapi video of Tanzanian MP, Seleman Bungara, as a meme.


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