Sunday September 27, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta is reportedly splashing cash in Mt Kenya region to try to woo the community elders to endorse former Gatanga MP, Peter Kenneth, as the bona fide Kikuyu Community spokesman.

Uhuru, who is going home in 2022 after his tenure ends, is expected to hand over his mantle to another Kikuyu who will lead the populous community.

On Saturday, Uhuru ‘bribed’ some elders to crown Peter Kenneth as the cultural ambassador for the Agikuyu community.

Kenneth was installed in the position by a section of cultural leaders from the Agikuyu community during a ceremony convened at Mathingira Mahiga Matatu Cultural Center.

The ceremony was also extended to another venue in Mount Kenya Forest where traditional prayers were chanted at a shrine as a way of officially installing Kenneth in the position.


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