1. Vendor’s timber selling business has been slow

2. Vendor gets an idea of supplying to the Government. Since Government doesn’t buy timber he comes up with an idea of selling a million desks to schools

3. Vendor approaches Government operatives with the proposal. Government operative agrees in exchange for a cut

4. Government announces plans to procure a million desks for schools

Distribution of economic benefits/losses

1. Vendor makes billions in revenues

2. Government operative gets millions in kickbacks

3. Country gets assets it never needs or which aren’t a priority

4. Government announces GDP growth fueled by public spending

5. MPs earn sitting allowances investigating desk procurement scandal

6. DPP/EACC earn salaries investigating and prosecuting some small fish linked to the scandal

7. Future generations are left with debt to be repaid

8. Media has headlines to sell

9. Citizens are kept busy discussing the scandal online as looters quickly move on to the next scandal

 From Anonymous (Social Media)

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