Monday September 28, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto went on a spending spree in Bumula, Bungoma County, risking his own life as he mingled freely with locals.

The DP, who was from attending a church service, decided to give the crowd a treat and went on to buy refreshments for his supporters.

“Enjoyed a bottle of soda with fellow hustlers at Mama Mary’s Ebenezer shop after a Sunday service in Bumula.”

“May God bless Mama Mary’s hustle,” he posted on his Twitter account. 

A large crowd of people followed Ruto to the kiosk as his bodyguards tried to protect him in vain. 

The security team’s work became harder when Ruto chose to distribute the sodas himself, as the supporters used all manner of tricks to grab his attention. 

According to a former Presidential Escort Unit officer, Ruto enjoys the same calibre of bodyguards as President Uhuru Kenyatta, only in a smaller count. 

The contingent drawn from the GSU and Recce teams are highly trained in VIP protection, but in the Deputy President’s case, close body protection becomes a nightmare when VIPs stray from standard protocol.

“The routes, stops and visits are always scheduled, and an advanced team is always sent ahead to secure the areas.”

“Sometimes the VIPs will decide to stop or go somewhere on the fly, and you have to also think on the fly.”

“People who have not been screened cannot be allowed close to the VIP, and that’s why sometimes we use our bodies to shield them.”

“If anything happens to them, hell will rain on us,” he confided. 

He explained that while bodyguards are trained to see potential security lapses or loopholes, their subjects are not, so oftentimes they do not understand the danger of their actions. 


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