Saturday September 12, 2020 – Former Presidential candidate, Mwalimu Abduba Dida, has attacked Deputy President William Ruto’s army of supporters calling them “everlasting fools”.

Dr Ruto, who is vying for the Presidency in 2022, is surrounded by a phalanx of soldiers who attack anyone who is opposed to his bid.

Ruto’s supporters are obsessed with sending the “dynasties” home come 2022.

Dynasties comprise of fat kids like Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga who have been enjoying free State resources since 1963.

On Friday, Mwalimu Dida said Ruto’s supporters are “everlasting fools” because they have been sending Raila Odinga to Bondo every election and now they are convinced that they are sending dynasties home in 2022.

’In 2017, Ruto convinced Jubilee supporters to vote and send Raila to Bondo. To 8 million voters, sending Raila to Bondo was more important than employment, service delivery and good governance. He is here again and in 2020, it is time to punish dynasties! EVERLASTING FOOLS!” Mwalimu Dida said.


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