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Thursday September 17, 2020 – As the 2022 General Elections is fast approaching, politicians have devised a way to reach out to people in this time of Covid19 pandemic.

Yesterday, residents Makueni County were treated to a surprise when a phone call from Deputy President (DP) William Ruto was amplified on the public address system.

Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama had called the DP to assure him that a delegation he was hosting was looking to secure the Ukambani block votes.

Mwi aseo? (are you well),” the DP started off in an accent that could pass for a Kamba native.

The crowd was visibly excited as they responded in unison ‘Twi aseo’.

The leaders then listened attentively as the DP went on to make his address on the agenda he has for the nation going forward.

“I very sincerely appreciate the work you are doing over there, I talked to Muthama and asked that we expedite the process of bringing you over here for some tea,” he stated.

His invitation was welcomed with ululation, as the crowd chanted ‘Ruto, hustler!’

The DP also informed the delegates that during their planned face to face meeting, the various candidates and the respective seats they wish to vie for will be discussed.

The ‘phone rally’ was a first for the people of Makueni and the DP as well.

With rallies now seemingly back in full force, the DP seems keen on reaching out to as many people as possible, in a bid to drum up support for his presidential bid in the 2022 General Elections.


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