Tuesday September 15, 2020 – Renowned political analyst, Herman Manyora, has predicted a landslide win for Deputy President William Ruto in the 2022 Presidential contest.

According to him, Ruto’s hustler tag is winning the hearts of many Kenyans and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is in for a rude shock.

Ruto has fashioned and presented himself as the hustler’s representative in the next poll and has vowed to take on his political nemesis who he has branded “dynasties”.

Speaking to TV 47 on Tuesday, September 15th, the Professor of Linguistics said that many Kenyans were beginning to resonate well with Ruto’s narrative and that they are likely to back his presidential bid overwhelmingly.

“You can see Ruto is speaking directly to mama mbogas, he is saying that this 2022 Government we will form it with mama mbogas, barbers, boda boda operators and it is getting there, it is resonating well with the people,” said Manyora.

The political analyst warned the DP’s opponents, especially those allied to the handshake team, that they will lose the fight to Ruto if they allow him to run away with the hustler’s tag.

He noted that the hustler narrative was Ruto’s most dangerous card that could easily be used to put his opponents at bay in their quest to stop him.

“If the other side of the divide, the handshake side, will let Ruto run away with this narrative they will discover when it is too late and they may not be in a position to counter him,” added Manyora.

Ruto has restated his dedication and resolve to face off and defeat all the forces formed to stop his State House bid.


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