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Friday, September 25, 2020 – Legendary Kenyan rapper, Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyanshiski, has opened up about his experience as a truck driver in the US.

The former Kleptomanix member took a ten year hiatus from music after his whole family relocated to the US and to make ends meet, he worked as a truck driver.

Nyanshinski narrated his experience on his YouTube Channel during a conversation with Nairobi Senator, Johnson Sakaja.

“Nilikuwa nishaachana na ngoma…2006 mpaka 2016 (10 years).

“Nilienda Steto na nilikuwa naendesha Lorry…nilikuwa naendesha Lorry nikitry ku-survive … juu tuli-relocate wote as a family.

“First two years I was in Delaware, alafu the last 8 years nikahamia Michigan. Hiyo experience ilikuwa noma na nili-learn nayo vitu mob. Kuna vitu mbili zenye zilihappen zenye naonanga ni life changing.

“Before nitoke hapa nilikuwa a star…tulikuwa maceleb and we were doing what we Love. So you come from being a star… getting a bit of favours here and there to a place where no one knows you, hakuna special treatment, Lazima uwork, kama huwork haukuli na labda si kazi unapenda necessarily,” said Nyashinski.

“Saa zile na drive truck uko solo na ni long distance.

“In 24 hours you will interact with another Human for 10 or 15 minutes on the maximum… from being surrounded with people to being solo. But I have always wanted kuishi life normal, time hata nikienda Mall hata msee hanijui, those are the good side about it.”

The Malaika hit-maker said the he felt like he was not living up to his potential and that’s why he decided to make a comeback into the music industry.

Since he made a comeback three years ago, he has been releasing hit and after hit and he’s without a doubt one of the most sought after Kenyan musicians currently.

Watch the video below.


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