Friday September 11, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has hit back at former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who always questions his source of wealth.

While speaking in Taita Taveta where he joined leaders from the region including Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, Raila questioned how the Deputy President acquired funds to conduct donations week in week out with his youth empowerment program.

He claimed that Ruto’s monthly salary can hardly sustain the monthly donations that he gives to the vulnerable communities.

“He has called the youth to give them wheelbarrows, others are given motorbikes and water tanks, why is that money not in the government treasury, and you have donated that money?”

“One person donates Ksh100 million in a month and your salary is not even Ksh2 million, where is that money from? That is a big corruption scandal,” stated Raila.

The former Prime Minister added that Ruto walks around in churches donating money which he claimed had been misappropriated and also hit out at the DP for frequently quoting bible verses.

But in response, Ruto called for the consideration of the many Kenyans who are grappling to make ends meet.

“Let us be mindful about the sorry situation of millions of Kenyans struggling to meet their daily needs and above all put food on the table.”

“Let us acknowledge that every Hustle matters,” noted Ruto. 

Ruto also responded to Raila for criticizing his donations during his rally in Kisii as he claimed that the former Prime Minister does not understand common mwananchi problems because his father was the Vice-President.

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