Sunday September 13, 2020 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, has for the first time admitted that Deputy President William Ruto has won the hearts of women and youths in the country.

Speaking in a rally to popularise the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) in Kilifi County on Saturday, Raila accused Ruto of giving women and youths gifts but said that his real intention is to have them oppose the BBI.

“He delights in throwing crumbs to women and the youth so that they can be happy,” said Raila.

He added that the DP and his allies were leading a disinformation campaign against the BBI.

The former Premier, who is at the Coast to drum up support for BBI, also said that Ruto was working to ensure the Government he serves fails.

He claimed that Ruto’s acts of philanthropy are derived from an unwillingness to initiate systems and policies that will ensure Kenyans were self-reliant.

But in a rejoinder, Ruto said he is gifted by God and that is why he is sharing what he has with the Hustler nation.


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