Tuesday, 08 September 2020 – Sheila Mwanyigah is a veteran singer, radio presenter and TV host, who has graced our screens for more than a decade.

Despite her thriving career and beauty, she is not lucky when it comes to matters of the heart.

She was once dating local rapper CMB Prezzo but their highly publicized affair didn’t last for long.

Mwanyigah is almost clocking 40 without a husband and just to show any potential suitor out there that she is a good cook, she posted a photo of some delicious chapati that she cooked.

The Taita born beauty can cook some really nice ‘chapos’.

See photo.



  1. Where are your young ones and husband to eat the chapatis, please don’t embarrass yourself you’re like a parrot in a cage and not free time is up and the clock still is ticking it will never stop that the worst scenario many women will ever face,tick tock tick tock ticking!!!!!.

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