Monday, 28 September 2020 – Four months after Keroche heiress, Tecra Muigai, died inunclear circumstances, her boyfriend, Omar Lali, has for the first time disclosed how they met and fell in love.

The 54-year old Lamu businessman revealed that it is Tecra who made the first move after she spotted him at a restaurant in Lamu.

I had gone to dinner with my daughter who had not been to Kenya in many years.”

“Tecra was at the restaurant with a friend who I happened to know.”

“I said hello to my friend but when I got home, my friend called me saying Tecra was asking around for the guy with the grey beard.”

That night, we stayed late as we talked about life.”

“I took her to her room at around 2 am and she told me not to leave because she felt at peace being with me.”

“We spent the night together and that is how our love started,” he narrated.

Omar, who was arrested and charged with murder before the DPP dropped the charges and instead requested for an open inquest, went on to reveal that Tecra’s wealthy family was opposed to the relationship.

Omar stated that Tecra’s mother, in particular, went as far as accusing him of being a member of the terrorist group, Al Shabaab.

When Tecra took me to her family, they didn’t want to hear anything about me.”

“Her mother told me there is no way her daughter was going to live with an Al Shabaab terrorist.

“But I have since forgiven her since she is an old school she probably didn’t mean it.”

“At one point she came home with a convoy of six cars and I decided to escape because I was afraid of the people she was bringing,”

“It took the intervention of Tecra’s brother, James Muigai, who convinced their father to accept and respect their sister’s decision.”

Mzee blessed us and the feud stopped. We toured the world and I was able to teach her to overcome her fears.”

“The only thing, regrettably, that I failed to teach her was regulation of alcohol intake.”

“She used to drink a lot and I pleaded with her to only drink after sunset but she would respond by telling that her family was in the alcohol business and drinking was their tradition which I must respect as she respected mine,” Omar explained.

Tecra succumbed to injuries after falling from a staircase at a house she shared with Omar in Lamu on April 27th after a night of drinking spree.

And speaking on that fateful day, Omar said:

That day I had taken some antibiotics for my tooth which had an infection.”

“She pressured me to drink but I only took a few drinks and blacked out.”

“I was awoken by the sound of a thud and when I work up, I realized she had fallen down the sharp staircase on her way to the washroom,”


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