Saturday, 05 September 2020 – As the murder case of the late fraudster Kevin Omwenga continues, new CCTV footage has emerged and exposed Chris Obure’s bodyguard, Robert Ouko Bodo, badly.

Robert Ouko Bodo and Chris Obure are both behind bars waiting for mental assessment, after the DPP said there is sufficient evidence to charge them with murder.

A clip aired on Citizen TV has exposed Bodo badly after it revealed how he stole the gun that was used to kill Omwenga from his boss’ office.

Bodo has already thrown him under the bus after he said that the picked the gun from his office without his permission.

In the clip, Bodo is seen collecting the gun from Obure’s office at around 6.25 am on the 21st of August, the same day Omwenga lost his life.

He went to Obure’s drawer, picked up some keys and then opened a safe where the gun was kept.

He took the gun and then walked out of the office.

Bodo was in constant communication with an unidentified person on a walkie talkie before he moved out of the office.

Later in the day, he is said to have used the same gun to shoot Omwenga at his house in Kilimani.

The CCTV footage also captures Bodo returning the gun on Friday night, shortly after he reportedly shot Omwenga.

He is seen adding a bullet to the killer gun and trying to conceal evidence, despite telling detectives that the shooting was accidental.

Here’s the CCTV footage that exposes Bodo badly.


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