Thursday, 03 September 2020 – Cool and reserved NTV senior anchor, Seth Olale, has revealed why he can’t enter the kitchen even to get a glass of water.

While speaking in a recent interview, Seth, a father of two, said when he was growing up, his father regularly warned him that men are not allowed in the kitchen and when he broke the rules one day, his father beat him like a squirrel.

‘My father had warned many times that boys are not allowed in the kitchen. So, there is a day he found me in the kitchen, I will never forget the beating I received.’ Seth said.

According to the seasoned TV journalist, he remembers the beating he received from his dad to date and that is why even today, a kitchen is a no-go zone for him.

‘Until today, my wife says I’m rigid when it comes to… like having to cook together.”

“How a perfect, happy couple is supposed to be but I tell her (the) kitchen is a no-go zone.”

“It affected me to date.”

“I don’t step into the kitchen,” he added.


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