Sunday, 20 September 2020 – There was drama along Thika Road after a man was recorded dangling from a speeding car after another man allegedly eloped with his wife.

In the video that was recorded a few meters from the GSU camp, pedestrians were heard shouting at the rogue driver who was still driving as the man was hanging onto the door.

According to reports, the two might have been partying at the same joint when the man, who owned a white Toyota vehicle, decided to elope with his wife.

‘Haiya, anaenda na bibi ya mwenyewe,’ a lady was heard shouting during the dramatic incident.

In the viral video, the jilted man was seen confronting the driver who had reportedly taken his wife.

Despite endless pleas, the driver gave him a deaf ear as he struggled to open the door all in vain.

The middle aged man, whose wife was reportedly snatched, tried to get through the window as the merciless driver continue speeding oblivious of the danger he was posing to him and others.

The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Some say may be the woman was fed up with her husband and therefore wasted no chance after finding a better man.

Watch the video.


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