Thursday, September 24, 2020 – Arsenal fans are most likely to cheat on their partners in a relationship according to a new survey.

In the survey carried out by a popular gaming company, fans of the North London football club lead the way with infidelity rate at 22 per cent followed closely by their London rivals, Chelsea, at 19 per cent

Manchester United fans are third with an 18 percent infidelity rate.

On the other hand, supporters of Premier League champions, Liverpool, were ranked top on the table of individuals less likely to cheat on their partners, followed by south coast clubs, Brighton and Hove Albion and Southampton.

The aim of the survey was to investigate which teams have the most and least faithful fans when it comes to their relationships.

West Ham and Leicester are the only other clubs outside the top six with double digit infidelity percentage rate at 11 % and 10% respectively

Premier League newcomers Leeds United also featured prominently with their fans reporting an 8% infidelity rate.

Manchester City is the only top six outfit to report below 10% at 4% infidelity rate.

The survey has all but mystified the myth about Arsenal fans being the most loyal individuals backing their club despite going over a decade without winning the Premier League title.


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