Monday, 07 September 2020 – In 2009, celebrated songstress, Gloria Muliro, walked down the aisle with Congolese Pastor, Eric Omba, in a lavish wedding.

But 5 years later, their marriage crumbled due to infidelity.

Gloria Muliro found out that the sex starved pastor, who runs a church in Kayole, was chewing church ladies and even sleeping with her fellow gospel singers.

Eric Omba runs a music studio that he had turned into a lodging.

Upcoming gospel female singers were recorded for free and in return, they spread their legs to him.

Speaking in a past interview, Gloria Muliro revealed that she tolerated her husband for 5 years hoping that he will change and when she got fed up with his philandering behaviours, she walked out of their matrimonial home.

Pastor Omba tried to woo her back but his efforts bore no fruits.

She even went to court and obtained an order barring her ex-husband from contacting her.

Pastor Eric Omba, who now calls himself Prophet Omba, has moved on and married another beautiful woman.

The light skinned woman of Congolese origin is a singer based in Kenya and they have a kid together.

Here are photos of Pastor Omba’s new wife.


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