Saturday September 19, 2020 – Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter, has lashed at Deputy President William Ruto for pretending to be a Christian by attending different churches.

Speaking on Friday during the memorial service of Margaret Njomo, mother to Kiambu Constituency MP, Jude Njomo, Keter said politicians are ‘loitering’ in different churches but do not belong to any church.

“It is not about the leadership, It is any person even you as a Christian.”

“Let us not be Christians only on Sundays, let us be Christians on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday up to the next weekend even as a leadership,” Keter said

“I have seen there are many politicians loitering different churches but you are never in that certain church.”

“Every Sunday you are in a different church either Jeshi la Wokovu, the other week you are with the Muslims, the other you are with the Hindu.”

“We have different doctrines… If you are a Catholic remain as a Catholic that is your faith,” Keter added.

Ruto, who is second in command, has been known to have a soft spot for churches and has traversed the country attending different church functions and fundraisers.

Ruto has said that he will not stop supporting religious organizations and youth empowerment activities, following criticism against his philanthropic activities.


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