Saturday, 26 September 2020 – A white man, who came to study at Daystar University in 2015, has praised Kenya as a beautiful country and narrated his experience in the country.

The white man, who hails from UK, narrated how it took time for him to adapt to the Kenyan life.

One of the challenges that he went through is knowing the prices of different commodities but over the years, he has learnt the street life and is now well versed with the prices of different commodities in the market.

He narrated how he has had fun visiting beaches, hot springs and parks.

The man reminisced how he proposed to his Kenyan wife, Njeri, at the peak of Mount Longonot and she said yes.

They are now happily married.

Here’s what he posted on a group called Wanderlust Diaries narrating his experience in Kenya.

Here are photos of Njeri and her mzungu boyfriend.


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