Monday September 14, 2020 – Muranga County leaders have distanced themselves from a meeting held by Murang’a Council of Eminent Persons to chart the way forward for the Agriculture rich County.

On Thursday, leaders led by Royal Media Service chairman, SK Macharia, former Equity Bank chairman, Peter Munga, and former Presidential loser, Peter Kenneth, among others met at a Kiambu Hotel where they discussed how to unite the populous County to have a common voice in national politics.

But speaking on Sunday, Wa Iria said he was not interested in meetings held outside Murang’a County because they will not benefit mwananchi.

“I would only be interested if ‘Wanjiku’ met and not a forum with hidden strategies,” said the Governor who skipped the meeting.

However, a member of the council said that all elected leaders were invited to participate in the forum and those opposed to it had selfish interests.

“This is an open forum where county development and education-related issues are deliberated.”

“It is pathetic that some people have been out to politicise the forum,” he said.


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