Friday, 11 September 2020 – Former gospel singer, Willy Paul, has decided to take on the Music Corporate Society Of Kenya (MCSK) head on.

After posting a video threatening MCSK officials with knives for stealing artists’ money, the controversial singer is now calling out fellow artists who are silent despite being exploited by the royalty collecting body.

Ranting on his Instagram page, Willy Paul warned artists that if they don’t stand up for their rights, they will remain paupers forever.

He wondered why the Government is silent despite a recent audit revealing how MCSK officials have been stealing money meant for artists.

‘Shame on you artists wenye wananyamaza wakingoja wapiganiwe na wengine. Hivyo ndivyo mtageuzwa maskini Na bibi zenu wapigwe kuni Na hawa watu.’ Willy Paul.

He urged all artists to come together and fight for their rights since they have been exploited for long.

This is Willy Paul’s recent scathing attack on MCSK.


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