Monday September 21, 2020 – Flamboyant city businessman, Chris Kirubi, has spoken for the first time about marriage.

In a rare interview on NTV’s Churchill Show on Sunday, Kirubi, 79, said marriage is a form of enslavement and one should only enter into it if they have found the right partner.

He said those who find the right partner are able to live a happy life but others are left to wallow in enslavement for choosing the wrong partner.

“Marriage is enslavement, you have to be careful.”

“You have to agree to go into slavery, to go to a jail and not to go there to test it and get out.”

“It is a permanent affair you are jailed for life,”

“If you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure.”

“But there are some women, it’s like they first went to the army then came back for you to marry them, they are always in a fighting mood.”

“Good has to bless you,” Kirubi said.

Kirubi also said that he has a daughter called Mary-Anne Musangi, who is the Managing Director of Haco Industries while his son, Robert Kirubi worked in Europe having declined to work for his father.

“My daughter is here in Kenya and is the MD of my factory, Haco Industries.”

“My son is in Brussels, he works for DHL.”

“I think they pay him so much money, he refused to work for me but it’s good he has also accumulated a lot of experience,” Kirubi said.


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