Tuesday, September 15, 2020 – An unidentified man caused a scene in the Nairobi CBD on Monday after chaining himself to the statue of Mau Mau hero, Dedan Kimathi.

From the video shared by NTV, the guy, who is thought to be a social activist, had a placard with a strong message to President Uhuru over the alarming rate of teenage pregnancies in the country.

His placard read:

“Over 150K teenage pregnancies in a period of four months!”

“Kenya is losing a generation by not addressing teenage pregnancies candidly.”

Cases of teenage pregnancy have been on the rise in the country due to the closure of schools occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to statistics, 151,433 teenage pregnancies were reported between January to May this year.

Last month, President Uhuru warned that those responsible for impregnating minors will face the full wrath of the law once DNA results were out.

The Head of State also noted that area chiefs will be answerable on how school-going children were defiled under their watch.

“People must be disciplined, how do we allow people to go around impregnating young girls, and we do not say anything? We are going to wait for the DNA and those people will pay,” he said.

Watch the video below courtesy of NTV


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