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Tuesday September 8, 2020 – The shining political star of Emurua Dikirr MP, Johanna Ngeno, has been dimmed by KANU after the independence party expelled the MP over what it termed as a “severe disciplinary issue”.

Addressing a Press Conference on Tuesday evening, KANU Secretary-General, Nick Salat, said that KANU was displeased by utterances made by Ng’eno directed at President Uhuru Kenyatta and his mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Salat also cited alleged hate speech remarks that led to his arrest on Monday, as one of the reasons it used to resolve to sever links with the lawmaker.

“We in KANU have found that honourable Ng’eno has fallen short of provisions of Article six of the constitution and he should therefore be stripped off the privileges to serve Kenya as a State officer.”

“In this regard, in as much as we sympathise with the people of his constituency, the public interest demands that he does not continue being a member of KANU,” Salat said

“The people of Emurua Dikirr will have to choose between peace and anarchy.”

“The way he has been behaving is unbecoming, we, therefore, have to part ways.”

“We are parting ways as a party and he has the freedom to pick any other party he wants but as KANU, we are parting ways with him,” Salat added.

The SG also observed that both Uhuru and Kenya’s founding President Jomo Kenyatta had served as KANU bosses and as such, disrespecting them was tantamount to insulting the party.


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