Monday September 28, 2020 – Kenyans on social media were surprised by a Nairobi court ruling that saw Sirisia MP, John Waluke, released on a cash bail of Sh10 million pending an appeal of his jail sentence in a Sh 313 million corruption case.

Waluke was convicted of fraud involving Sh313 million in shady maize deal with the National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB).

Waluke was convicted together with Nairobi businesswoman, Grace Wakhungu, who was also freed on a Sh 20 million cash bail.

The two were to serve a combined 136-year jail term or pay up to 1.04 billion shillings in fines.

However, the two were released as thousands of poor Kenyans continue to rot in jail for stealing chicken.

Here are some comments from Kenyans after Waluke and Wakhungu were set free.

The THIEF John Waluke who received over 300M had been released on a 10M bond. He pockets 290M and walks away.,” Brian Kimani.

Sirisia MP John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu have been freed on ksh. 10 million and ksh. 20 million cash bail respectively pending the hearing of their appeal. This is a classical scenario of Manchester United getting a penalty after the full-time whistle. Hii kesi imeisha tu,” Bravon Yuri.

How our courts’ works surprises me , One court sends somebody to prison after trial and is fined heavily more than 900M , later after the whole process appeal is done and the same court bails you out with 20M and your case is closed , That’s none than Sirisia MP John Waluke!!”Frank Mtetezi.

Life really looks simple for politicians. However massive the amounts of money they steal from the public coffers. See now MP John Waluke and Grace Wakhungu freed on bails as thousands of ordinary Kenyans serve jail terms for petty offenses like stealing your neighbours chicken,” Mibei Mibei.


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