Thursday, 17 September 2020 – Jowie’s marriage with Ellla is still bothering some Kenyans who can’t mind their own business.

The murder suspect married sexy Ella a few months after he came out of prison and there are people who are predicting that their marriage may end in tears.

When asked how they met, Ella, who is bewitched with love by Jowie, said that they met through divine connection.

Jowie has a dark past and is a well-known woman eater and when one of Ella’s fans reminded her that she got married to a woman eater, she had no chills in her response.

Ella posted a video goofing around with Jowie and a lady commented saying, ‘We ni next victim for the woman eater. Congratulations.’

Ella responded saying, ‘kuja atukule pamoja.’

See screenshot.


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