Thursday, 10 September 2020 – New evidence has shown that the lavish apartment in Kilimani where the late Kevin Omwenga lived and the top of the range vehicles that he drove were fully paid by controversial businessman Chris Obure, through his Global Jeta Company.

In an affidavit to oppose Obure’s bail, police said that investigations show that the controversial businessman and the deceased knew each other well, even though he told police that he has no relationship with the deceased.

“Investigations and documentary evidence have shown that although Obure had denied having any business or a strong relationship with the deceased, there is strong evidence that Omwenga’s apartment and vehicles he claimed to own were fully paid for by Global Jet a company that Obure has leadership authority in,” the affidavit reads.

Police believe that Obure and his bodyguard, Bodo, worked jointly to murder Omwenga.

Bodo is said to have been sent by his boss to execute the murder.

According to reports, Omwenga might have outsmarted Obure after they executed a deal worth millions of shillings.

Before Bodo shot Omwenga at his Kilimani apartments, they were heard arguing about a fake gold deal that had turned sour.

Obure is a kingpin in the ake gold business and the late Omwenga is said to be one of his recruits in the dirty and lucrative business.


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