Sunday September 20, 2020 – A popular political scientist from Kenyatta University has said that Deputy President William Ruto will win the Presidency in 2022 despite lack of support from the ‘incumbency and the system’.

Sharing his thoughts via social media on Sunday, Prof Edward Kisiangani said by the look of things, Ruto has enough numbers to win the Presidency in 2022.

Kisiangani said despite Raila Odinga commanding a huge following in Nyanza, Coast and Western Kenya, he can’t beat Ruto because the DP still has the “tyranny of numbers’ ‘.

“My prediction that Ruto will win 2022 is not based on fiction or emotion.”

“It is based on science and reason.”

“The figures don’t add for other candidates.”

“However, I look forward to a great contest between Ruto and Raila.”

“Ruto’s best opponent is Raila.”

“We shall enjoy the contest,” Kisiangani said.


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