By Cyprian Nyakundi

It has been over 5 months of an artificial curfew, imposed ostensibly to curtail Kenyans from moving around, and impoverish them to the point of begging for handouts during the BBI campaigns, so that they can all vote yes to mutilating our very perfect constitution.

Despite having a large social media presence, Kenyan Deejays have not bothered to formulate a social media campaign to push for the lifting of the curfew, which has severely and adversely affected their livelihoods, with many facing debts and auctioneers as envisioned by Jubilee and ODM, who have joined forces to ensure that they kill as many young people as possible.

Infact, ODM bloggers were the first ones to tweet #UhuruDontOpen under the misguided notion that the curfew curtails Deputy President William Ruto from campaigning, and inversely elevates presidential prospects of ageing  Raila Odinga, who has been dancing and making merry ever since the lockdown was effected.

In a joint strategy to finish off young Kenyans, Jubilee and ODM crafted the hollow COVID relief measures which have resulted in higher power bills, mass evictions of squatters, financial constraints and overall stress and depression across the country.

The sham loan restructuring was never effected by local banks and digital lenders, who have been secretly auctioning properties while exploiting a very man-made and artificial crisis.

Digital Lenders Association of Kenya led by Central Bank sanctioned shylocks like Tala and Branch did not effect even a single measure of relief to their borrowers, despite enjoying legal backing to conduct their unregulated activities which are no different than mercenaries in banana republics, who extort lenders for personal gain.

With this grim reality facing Kenyans, we are yet to see Deejays commenting on the social catastrophe in the making, as most continue using their social media to post nonsensical stuff. Nothing better illustrates the mass stupidity of the country, as the deafening silence of the arts industry, who were hoodwinked with a token 100 million from Sports CS Amina Mohammed, in-order to buy their silence as the rest of the young Kenyans are oppressed by state-sanctioned terror.

Deejays, club influencers, hostesses, events organisers, and the likes, who have been on the receiving end of the misguided implementation of the curfew, continue to remain silent, even as government officials continue treating Kenyans to shenanigans of sham Senate hearings, meant to distract our attention from the theft of billions of shillings in donor funds, plus the sale of Jack Ma’s donations to KEMSA by David Murathe and company.

Musicians like Sauti Sol, Eric Wainaina have lost the plot as they continue bootlicking the status quo, by performing in misguided government propaganda initiatives like the flopped KenyaNiYetu concert, where the Media Owners Association led by habitual idiot Wachira Waruru was bribed by Government to create phantom initiatives to divert attention from the COVID scandals.

Without a shadow of doubt, it is safe to say that Kenya’s entertainment industry attracts the dumbest products of our outdated education curriculum, unlike their peers in America who are spear-heading social movements like Black Lives Matter.

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