Tuesday September 8, 2020 – Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo, has weighed in on the simmering differences between President Uhuru Kenyatta, ODM leader, Raila Odinga, and Deputy President William Ruto. 

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday morning, Kabogo warned Ruto and Raila to desist from escalating the political heat and tension in the country.

Ruto and his allies have been on the spotlight for attacking the Government, decrying how Kenyatta reportedly betrayed them.

On the other hand, Raila and Uhuru’s allies have been lashing out at DP Ruto, accusing him of graft and attempting to sabotage the Government. 

Kabogo said that the country can move on without the two leaders who he accused of shifting focus to 2022 elections and power struggles through the Building Bridges Initiative as Kenyans face grave issues such as hunger, deaths and corruption. 

“Kenyatta, DP Ruto and Raila Odinga should pull back their allies and issue constraints.”

“This country does not belong to any of them.”

“For example, one can feel nauseated when listening to what David Murathe keeps talking about,” Kabogo ranted.

Murathe was accused by DP Ruto of insubordination and leading a cabal that is hell-bent on preventing Ruto from being President.

The Jubilee Vice-Chairman hit back at Ruto accusing him of orchestrating the Covid-19 scandal where billions were allegedly embezzled.

Kabogo urged Kenyatta, Ruto and Odinga to have a sit-down and discuss crucial issues affecting the country.

He warned that Kenya was greater than them and did not belong to any individual whatsoever.


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