Tuesday September 29, 2020 – The decision by Deputy President William Ruto to skip yesterday’s COVID 19 conference at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) has continued to elicit mixed reactions among Kenyans at large.

On Tuesday, Kenya African National Union (KANU) Secretary General, Nick Salat, joined other leaders in reacting to the second in command’s notable absence even after being invited by the President.

Sharing his thoughts via social media, Salat said Ruto’s move was uncalled for and can be termed as misconduct.

The KANU SG said Ruto should be there to help his boss at any State event as highlighted in the constitution thus the DP’s move to miss a serious State event can lead to his removal from office.

“REMOVAL of deputy president for gross misconduct may arise when he dismissed and ignored to attend state function on covid 19 response which is a global disaster,’”

“He is supposed to deputise the President in the execution of the president’s function and he is obliged to perform the functions conferred by constitution and other functions of the president as the president may ASSIGN,” Salat said.


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