Wednesday, 23 September 2020 – An unidentified lady is in trouble after a man went to a police station and obtained an OB after he sent her bus fare of Ksh 2,000 and she failed to turn up.

The lady wrote to blogger Edgar Obare and consulted whether it’s against the law to ‘eat’ a man’s fare because the guy has been threatening her after she failed to honour their agreement despite receiving bus fare to take her to Kisumu.

‘Hi Ed, I am your fan. I just want to know whether there is a law against ‘kukula fare’. Please ask your fans for me and hide my ID,’ the lady wrote in a screenshot shared by Obare on his Instagram stories.

Edgar advised the lady not to take the guy’s threats seriously but he was wrong.

The lady sent him an OB to prove that the matter was now being handled by the police.

The lady disclosed that the man had told her that he will ensure she is arrested and doesn’t mind police ‘eating’ more of his money to get his Ksh 2,000 back.

The no-nonsense man revealed that he has even paid cops to track her down and she will soon be arrested.

According to the law, obtaining money by false pretence just like what this lady did is a crime that will send you to jail for up to three years.


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