Monday September 28, 2020 – The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) has cautioned the Education and Health Ministries against the planned October reopening of schools, saying it will be a disaster.

Speaking during a press conference, KMA Chairman Andrew Were emphasized that the Government needed to prove that schools are safe for reopening,

KMA also asked the Government to provide evidence that the epidemiological pattern of the pandemic is well known before reopening.

To reopen schools, the Government should justify that the risk of community transmission is eliminated or significantly reduced.

The Government should also prove that the country is prepared to handle any potential surge in the transmission that might result from reopening.

Were asked the Education Ministry to use data to support their decision to reopen schools and warned against using students as guinea pigs.

“We need to get information from the community initiative whether community transmission has been eliminated completely so that we can allow our children to go back to school.”

“We believe our children are the future of this country and they need to be protected.”

“We need not to use them as guinea pigs by opening schools without adequate data to support that,” stated Were.

He called on the Government to increase the Covid-19 isolation and treatment facilities in the country as learning is set to resume in October.

The KMA Chairman also wants the Government to provide masks for students especially pediatric ones for children in lower primary and nursery. 

KMA warned that the low Covid-19 cases in the country being reported are as a result of few tests being conducted, and not due to the flattening of the curve.

The Covid19 Education Response Committee had settled on Monday, October 19th, 2020, as the preferred school reopening date countrywide.


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